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Last Updated On September 09, 2019
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The wait is finally over…

BogNations 3.0 is here! With that, we are excited to finally announce BogRealmsMC 1.14 will be released for FULL PUBLIC ACCESS on Sunday, September 15, 2019!! This means that our 1.12 server will no longer be accessible but not to worry, the IP will still stay the same. Below you will find all the details you need to know and we will keep updating you with new information on our sites and our discord community.

What to expect?

Here are some of the things you can expected with lots more to be announced soon….

  • Minecraft 1.14.4 fully supported! (Access all the brand new 1.13/1.14 commands, build with new blocks, fight pillagers and check out the brand new biomes and mobs!)
    • Brand new full 1.14 survival world…with a brand new spawn
    • Same IP (
    • Same inventories, balances, ranks and server features
  • Brand new website!
    • New look and new features, and your account remains the same
    • Command Center
    • Ranks, bans and reports are now synced with the server
    • New server status and server voting
  • New changes to our discord community
    • Reorganized channels and ranks
    • New commands (including the ability to give yourself a rank)

Wait….a new survival world?

That’s right, we want to give players a fresh start and to survive in a brand new 1.14 world! Best of all, the new survival world will be open to ALL players right on the first day of launch!

But what will happen to the old world…like my inventory and builds?

For the first time, we are allowing ALL players to move their inventory over to the new world! For your builds, players will be allowed to transfer a single build/house to the new world. We will have page on our site where you can submit your transfers very soon as well as more details about the transfer process.

After 6 years, we will be leaving most of BogRealms City behind in the old world. We will be transferring and rebuilding parts of BogRealms City in the new world so it’s more organized and easy to navigate! Click here to find out what’s happening to BogRealms City.

New Site and Command Center

For the past few months, we’ve been working on a brand new website that will be easy to navigate and find whatever you need! Best of all, data from our server will sync with our site to provide you all the latest reports, details, bans, ranks, and stats without having to login to the server. We want to give you a sneak peak….but we want you to be surprised :O

Command centre…..Cool name huh….but what is it? 

Command Center is our brand new online page on our new website where you can see all of our available in-game and discord commands. This has been our most requested server feature and we’re so excited to finally bring this feature to BogNations! Not only will you see all of our available commands, but you’ll also see if your rank has access to them.

Here is a small sneak peak of what it looks like

Why did it take so long?

When Minecraft 1.13 was released, we found that majority of our configs and perms from 1.12 are no longer be supported, and the new 1.13 world-generation code had a high chance of breaking all of our worlds. While we were looking into ways to fix/avoid these issues, and waiting for updates and a server update file, Minecraft 1.14 pre-releases and official released were announced. Since then, we decided to wait and slowly update to 1.14 which fixes many of the issues that would have caused problems if we updated to 1.13.

TLDR…..1.13 would break our server…..we waited…..1.14 is released…..we begin working on 1.14

This is what we can say today…but rest assure, more details will be coming very soon.

If you have any questions about any of this, let us know on our discord channels.