BogShop Terms and Refund Policy

Last Updated On February 25, 2018
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Terms and Conditions

By purchasing any item from the BogShop, you agree to all terms and conditions of BogNations, Enjin and the BogShop. If you do not abide the terms and conditions, do not make the purchases. Any payment to BogRealmsMC is a payment for the virtual items, ranks and/or features contained in the purchase. All items are virtual and have no real-cash value. No cash exchanges will be made for selling your virtual items on our server or to other players. You also agree that you are authorized to make the purchase using a valid payment method (over 18 or recieved parental permission). We are not responsible for purchase made by minorities without parental permission.

Refund/Chargeback Policy

All payments are final and non-refundable unless a valid issue arises which is subject to the discretion of the BogNations owners. Any chargebacks, dispute, or reversal of any payments will result in a permanent ban on our BogNations platforms and on BogRealmsMC server.

Disclaimer/Important Notices

Server staff reserves the right to refuse the item or remove purchased items if a player is found abusing their purchase in any way or form. The rewards (“perks”) received after donating for a package are subject to change at any time without prior notice. All rewards (“perks”) are one time payment purchases. You can purchase more but it there will not be a monthly, annual or weekly charge.

All donations on the BogShop are only associated with BogNations and BogRealmsMC. BogNations is not affiliated with Mojang AB and Minecraft is copyright of Mojang AB. All donations and payments are handled by Enjin and Paypal.

If your purchase is not given immediately, please ensure your processed payment has been approved and please allow the administrators 24-48 hours to make the changes. If you are experiencing any issues, have not recieved your purchase item or have any pre-sale questions, please contact us via Discord or Messenger.