What can I do with BogBucks?

On BogRealmsMC, you can use your BogBucks to: Purchase items from other players Purchase tickets to watch shows at /warp arena, /warp stage or /warp club Purchase items at the BogRealms Mall (/warp mall) Purchase staff services (i.e. enchanting etc.) Enter special mini games rooms and more… BogBucks cannot be used on our BogShop to […]

How Do I Earn BogBucks?

There are many ways to earn BogBucks on BogRealmsMC: Most Popular Ways Sell your items using ./sell in survival world Vote for our server. You get 100 BogBucks for every vote and with 8 links, thats 800 BogBucks everyday!! Trade your items with players Open a shop at /warp mall (not available to new/explorer players; […]