Is it Possible to Lose My Legacy Rank

Sad to say yes it is possible. We give veteran players Legacy to show their responsibility and honesty on our BogRealmsMC server. If we see you abusing your rank, breaking the rules and/or using your rank to take advantage of other players, we will take away your rank and you will return to your previous […]

Am I Eligible for Legacy?

Players are eligible for this rank if he/she meets some/all of the following conditions: Player joined the server prior to the start of BogNations 2.0 development (July 1, 2017). Player has contributed greatly to the platform and/or server throughout their time. Player has joined the server for quite some time and play regularly on the […]

What is the Legacy rank?

[Legacy] is the highest non-staff rank on BogRealmsMC given to regularly playing veteran players who have joined the server prior to July 1, 2017. This is the only rank not obtainable through regular gameplay or paid membership. The rank indicates that the player has been on the server for some period of time, and contributed […]