Server Rules

Because our new site is under renovations, we have displayed our rules page here for players to review. BogRealmsMC Rules Last Updated: September 21, 2019 Severity Definitions Here are the different punishments for the various severities. Some rules may not have a severity level; instead the punishment of the offence will be stated. Severity 1: […]

What are the ranks on our server?

On BogRealmsMC, we have 11 ranks on our server. All players will start off as an ‘Explorer’. Free Ranks Explorer  [More Info] Settler  [More Info] Citizen  [More Info] Free ranks are obtained simply by playing and maintaining a good record on our server (ie. follow the rules, no griefing/raiding etc.) Paid Membership Ranks VIP  [More […]

Server IP

Our main server, BogRealmsMC, is located at IP: For details on our other servers as well as live server stats and uptime details, please visit