How to Validate BogNations Account?

To validate your account, check your inbox of the email you used to register for BogNations. You should recieve an email from an address with an email address. If you cannot find the email in your inbox, check your junk/spam folder. Emails should be sent immediately. If not, please wait a few minutes for […]

I registered for a BogNations account but can’t do anything and/or login.

First, double check to make sure you have successfully created an account. You can do so by heading to the ‘Members’ page on our site. If your name shows up on the ‘Members’ page but you can’t login or do anything, it is most likely because you have not verified your email address. Check your […]

I can’t register for a BogNations account

If you have already registered once on our BogNations site (, it could be because of the following reasons: You have not verified your email. If not, check your email you used to sign up. (Emails could possibly be in your junk folder as well) There is already an account registered under the In-Game Name. […]