How Do I Earn BogBucks?

Last Updated On February 27, 2018
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There are many ways to earn BogBucks on BogRealmsMC:

Most Popular Ways

  • Sell your items using ./sell in survival world
  • Vote for our server. You get 100 BogBucks for every vote and with 8 links, thats 800 BogBucks everyday!!
  • Trade your items with players
  • Open a shop at /warp mall (not available to new/explorer players; must be settler or higher)

Other Ways

  • Play our mini games
    • Spleef (/warp spleef)
    • Maze (/warp maze)
    • and more coming soon
  • Join in BogRealmsMC/BogNations events (visit our #events channel on discord)
  • Helping us out on the server
    • Even if you’re not a staff, your help is much appreciated and we’ll even throw in a reward….

UPDATE (February 1, 2018): Our voting rewards system is currently offline due to a technical issue with our server host. We are doing our best to find alternatives and to look into the technical issue.