I can’t register for a BogNations account

Last Updated On February 25, 2018
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If you have already registered once on our BogNations site (http://www.bognations.com/), it could be because of the following reasons:

  • You have not verified your email. If not, check your email you used to sign up. (Emails could possibly be in your junk folder as well)
  • There is already an account registered under the In-Game Name. Check the members page to see if your IGN is listed.
  • There is already an email associated to an account. You can only use an email address once for one account.

If you have not attempted to register for an account on our site, you will need to register here or by using /register command in-game. Otherwise, it could be because:

  • A UUID has already been registered with another account. Someone has already created an account with the same UUID
  • Minecraft account or UUID is a cracked account. Accounts cannot be created if you have a cracked UUID as they are not registered under Mojang’s API.

Still Can’t Figure Out What’s Wrong?

Option 1: Re-register

Try registering again on our website. Alternatively, you can try registering in-game using the /register command

Option 2: Contact BogNations Support

Send us a message on our messenger chat and ask for an account reset if you have already tried to register before. You can also message us on Discord (Talk to a staff with an @Owner rank).