I registered for a BogNations account but can’t do anything and/or login.

Last Updated On February 25, 2018
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First, double check to make sure you have successfully created an account. You can do so by heading to the ‘Members’ page on our site.

If your name shows up on the ‘Members’ page but you can’t login or do anything, it is most likely because you have not verified your email address. Check your email address for a validation link to validate your account. If you can’t find the email in your inbox, it is most likely in your junk folder.

If you have already validated your email and you still can’t login or do anything, it is properly because:

  • Your validation link properly expired or was deemed invalid when you validated it. (Common cause: Waited too long to activate)
  • You do not have the appropriate rank to access the page/feature.
  • Your account is properly banned on BogRealmsMC and BogNations platforms. (Applies to those who do not have an eligible ban appeal)
  • You forgot your password (most common case)

Next Steps:

Option 1 – Contact Support: Send us a message on our live messenger chat. You can also message us on Discord (Talk to a staff with an @Owner rank).

Option 2 – Upgrade Name/Validate Email: If you can login, try re-validating your email or updating your Minecraft name.
Head to your UserCP (Top Right Corner. Click on your name and click UserCP) > Click Profile Setting > Click Update Minecraft Name or Validate Email.

Option 3 – Recreate your account: If you are able to login but something is not working, try resetting your account (deleting your account if possible) and re-register. (May require help from a Super-Admin/Owner rank staff.)