What’s happening with BogRealms City?

Last Updated On September 09, 2019
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After 6 years, we will be leaving most of BogRealms City behind in the old survival world. We will be transferring and rebuilding parts of BogRealms City in the new world so it’s more organized and easy to navigate!

Below you will find a list of what’s staying and leaving BogRealms City in our new 1.14 server.

What’s moving to 1.14

  • BogRealms City Hall (Building at /warp city)
  • Late Night Stage (/warp stage)
  • BogRealms Arena (/warp arena; to be revamped)
  • Entertainment District (/warp club; includes Club Vertex, Avon Arena, Power Plant, Atrium Restaurant)
  • RallClaus Cabin
  • Mount Snow (/warp snow)
  • Parts of Staff Village

What’s staying in 1.12 (NOT moving over to 1.14)

  • Subways, Police Station, Nexus City (/warp nexus), Post Office (/warp postoffice)
  • BogRealms Mall (/warp mall)
  • Mt. Bog Volcano (/warp campsite)
  • My Home (Uptown; only some houses will be moved over at the request of uptown resident players)
  • Bijx Auction House

If you have a private home (not owned by BogRealms City), you will need to submit a home transfer.